These workshops are designed for budding journalists, filmmakers, actors and social media influencers who want a fun and creative way to express themselves. Participants are introduced to media production in a fun, hands-on learning environment that is conveniently located – we are in the same building as the public library! These courses inspire kids in a creative atmosphere to learn communication skills they can use for a lifetime. Nothing is impossible when you have a camera, an idea and a group of friends! Class fees include a snack each day and a link to download your child’s projects. Links to projects will be available at the end of the summer.

Registration opens April 16 at 7am
Registration deadline June 14

(Check back on April 16 to register)

Information on Sun Prairie Media Center Memberships
Pam Steitz Scholarship is available to those who qualify

Making a cartoon has never been easier! Discover how animators create animated cartoons and movies. Designed for students with a desire to learn, this workshop focuses on traditional stop-motion techniques and 2d animation techniques. Learn how to bring art to life with animation. Then add sound and special effects! We will use cameras and iPad animation apps. 
Ages 9-14
Min 6 / Max 8

Session 1: June 24-27, 9am-12pm
Session 2: July 22-25, 9am-12pm
$100 Member / $140 Non-Member

Want a unique way to express yourself to your community? Do you have thoughts, ideas, and passions you want to share? Learn how to use our new, state-of-the-art 103.5 FM studio to create an audio podcast. This workshop provides hands-on experience with on-air announcing, programming your favorite songs and asking the questions that make great interviews. This is a terrific opportunity for young people who want to gain confidence on the microphone. 
Ages 9-14
Min 6 / Max 8
July 8-9, 1:30-4:30pm

$70 Member / $90 Non-Member

Nothing beats the excitement of performing live! From script ideas to directing, from audio to video, from casting to camera work, we will produce a LIVE television program in the studio. The two day workshop will be filled with fun, creativity, and teamwork to produce a live show – what sort of show? That’s up to you!
Ages 11-14
Min 8 / Max 10
July 15-16, 1:30-4:30pm
$70 Member / $90 Non-Member

Ready to make a summer blockbuster? Learn how Hollywood shoots and edits movies while mastering basic movie-making techniques.  Create a story idea with a production team, and then turn that concept into a script and storyboard. Students can either rotate project roles (spending time as a director, camera operator or actor) or they can choose to focus on improving their skills in one particular role. As a team, students will create a movie from concept to completion while also adding fun special effects, use of the green screen and a short trailer. 
Min 6 / Max 8

Session 1: July 29-Aug 1, 9am-12pm (Ages 9-11)
Session 2: July 29-Aug 1, 1:30-4:30pm (Ages 11-14)
$100 Member / $140 Non-Member